Rare Usa Stamps

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  • Rare 1893 U. S. 50c Used Stamp #240 Recall Of Columbus Columbian Exposition Issue
  • Rare 1890 U. S. 90c Stamp #229 Orange Used Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry
  • Rare 1860's Black U. S. 12c George Washington Stamp First President Of The U. S
  • Fancy Cancel Rare 1870 U. S. 12c Stamp #151 Henry Clay Blue Bullseye Postmark
  • Rare 1861 U. S. 3c Stamp #65 With Amazing Cambridge Massachusetts Son Sotn Cancel
  • Rare 1800's U. S. 2c Newspapers Periodicals Stamp Statue Of Freedom, Nice Margins
  • Rare 1800's U. S. Cut Square 4c Stamp Postage Brown Abraham Lincoln
  • Rare 1860's U. S. 10c Stamp With Grill Washington Green Horizontal Misperf Error
  • Rare 1871 U. S. 7c Stamp #149 Without Grill, Wing Fancy Cancel
  • Rare 1879 U. S. 5c Stamp #185 Zachary Taylor With Fancy Sotn Cancel